DeKalb County Schools LRC

General Information

For use in the DeKalb County School District only

The LRC collection has been developed and is provided to enhance the K-12 Curriculum of the DeKalb County School District. Copyright and DeKalb County School District Policy for using LRC materials must be followed. Using LRC materials for reward or for recreation without acquiring performance rights from the copyright holder is illegal. Three requirements must be met before LRC material is considered acceptable under the copyright "fair use" educational exemption for public performance:

  • Usage must take place during face-to-face instruction in the DeKalb County School District.
  • Usage must be presented by DeKalb County School District teachers or students.
  • Usage must be of a legally acquired copy of the work. (All LRC materials are legal copies of the work.)

Preview before showing

Because each instructional opportunity is unique, it is critical LRC materials are previewed. Choose and show only LRC materials that correlate with and contribute to the lesson. As materials are previewed ask some types of the following questions:

  1. Does the material match the needs of the particular grade level?
  2. Has the material relevant, timely information?
  3. Is the subject matter compatible to the lesson requirements?

Teacher responsibility

Each teacher must have a client code number to access the online order form as a registered client. Client codes are issued and maintained by LRC2. WARNING: The client code number is a PIN. The teacher is responsible for any item booked to the client code number. Any loss or damage will be the responsibility of the teacher to whom the media was booked.

Return materials on time

Instructional support for each local school is greatly restricted when materials are not returned on time. In order to support the system-wide instructional program, all materials should be returned on or before the due date. If it is desired to keep materials beyond the original due date, please call the LRC staff to request an extension. If another school has previously reserved the materials, an extension will not be possible and the teacher must return the material on time. If the courier cannot return materials on the date due, it is the teacher's responsibility to hand deliver overdue materials on the due date to the Learning Resources Center, 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083. Late arrivals disrupt the reservation system and frustrate the teacher waiting to receive the materials. Be considerate of your colleagues.

REWIND ALL VIDEOS before returning them. Please do not attempt to repair any item. Remove the shipping labels or mark through the shipping information with a maker before returning materials via courier to the Learning Resources Center.

Format types

The LRC catalog lists videos, compact discs, and sheet music available at the Learning Resources Center of the DeKalb County School District. Materials are listed in alphabetical order by titles including the title number, format code, length, audience level, production year, and brief synopsis.

Format codes are:

    CD - Compact Discs
    DV - DVDs
    SM - Sheet Music
    VC - Videos
Audience level codes are:
    K - PreKindergarten/Kindergarten
    P - Primary
    I - Intermediate
    M - Middle
    S - Senior High
    T - Teacher/Professional
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