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LRC Selection Policy

The mission of the Learning Resources Center (LRC) is to provide a wide variety of relevant non-print (primarily video) materials in every curriculum area for every level of K-12 instruction within the DeKalb County School District. Since the early 1970s, titles and series have been equitably and efficiently shared system-wide.

The LRC selection policy is to ensure and continue the development of a quality collection of non-print materials. The format criterion for inclusion requires considerations related to physical properties, packaging, handling and available space for storing items. Future format requirements must consider advancement in technology and availability of equipment system-wide. Funding and budget accountability through the Department of Educational Media involves choosing excellent, available titles aligned with the state of Georgia's textbook adoption cycle. Packaging materials, support/maintenance agreements and subscriptions are designated within the budget allocation. The selection rationale includes the following:

  • Compatibility with existing, available equipment system-wide
  • Format criteria directly related to physical properties, packaging, handling and storage
  • Purchase of instructional materials to support the K-12 curriculum and objectives of the DeKalb County School District
  • Acquisition emphasis directly applied to subject areas aligned to the State textbook adoption cycle
  • The addition of titles considering quality and availability from evaluative and non-evaluative sources identifying the relevance, timeliness and producer's reputation
  • The addition of titles related to evaluated needs involves the most used titles and titles difficult to schedule, additional copies in heavily used subject areas and copies required to complete a series in the holdings
  • Instructional consideration and sensitivity associated with controversial titles and production ratings
  • Suggestions from administrators, teachers and library media specialists
  • Cost
A management strategy for keeping the collection current and useful consists of weeding by production date, number of copies, usage statistics and other reports generated by the Medianet software. Repeated editing of synopses and subject headings within the database improves access to each title. Donated items are added to the LRC collection using the same selection policy as purchased ones.

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