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English French
The Arts Education Artistique
Business Studies Affaires et commerce
Computer Studies
English (Secondary)
English as a Second Language
All French Français (Langue)
Guidance & Career Education
Health & Physical Education Education physique et sante
History & Geography (Grades 7-8) Histoire & Geographie (7e - 8e année)
Language Arts du Langage
Mathematics (Elementary) Mathematiques
First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies, 2019 Études des Premières Nations, des Métis et des Inuits, 2019 (revisé)
Science (Secondary)
Science & Technology (Elementary) Sciences & Technologie (Elementaire)
Social Studies Curriculum (2013)

Social Studies Curriculum (2004)

Études Sociales
Social Studies & Humanities Sciences Humaines et Sociales
Technological EducationÉducation Technologique
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