Resource Library FAQs

    Q. How do I obtain a MediaNet account? A. All teachers/staff have a MediaNet account. Your login is your KPR username and password (what you use to login to the network, e-mail etc)

    Q. I have never used the MediaNet catalogue - is there a guide I can access?
    A. Yes! Visit this page

    Q. My location has changed but my record has my old school listed, how can this be changed?
    A. Our MediaNet client records are imported from the HR system IPPS on a regular basis. Please confirm with your school that your information has been sent to HR. You can also contact us.

    Q. What days does the courier run?
    A. Tues, Thurs. & Friday only. No courier pick-up and drop off on PA days and school holidays.

    • Example #1: A resource placed in the school courier area Friday will not reach the Education Centre until Tuesday afternoon.
    • Example #2: If Friday is a PA day, a resource placed in the school courier area Thursday afternoon will not be received until the following Tuesday.

    Q. Why am I getting late notices for a resource I placed in the school courier area?
    A. Late notices are system generated. Late notices are sent after a 7 day grace period has elapsed beginning from the "due back by" date. Late notices will cease once the item is physically checked in at the Library

    Q. But I am certain I returned it!
    A. Please e-mail us and we will conduct a search for you.

    Q. Why am I receiving late notices over school holidays? I put the resource in the school courier area on the last day before the break.
    A. Unless the item was placed first thing in the AM - the odds are the courier did not pick it up. The resources will remain at the school and will be returned to the Education Centre when the courier resumes its normal schedule after the break. So there is a good chance you will receive late notices during school breaks.

    Q. I am going to be at the Board office, can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?
    A. Contact Shawna Ford or Shipping & Receiving to make arrangements

    Q. I ordered an item and haven't received it.
    A. Confirm that the item is not delayed by going to Your MediaNet Account and click on Bookings > Current and Future.

    • If the item was delivered, speak with your school secretary, or send an internal message to your colleagues.
    • Please contact us and we will flag the item as lost.

    Q. I want to renew a resource and the system won't let me.
    A. If there are bookings pending for an item or you have reached the maximum # of extensions MediaNet will not let you renew. Please contact Shawna for assistance.

    Q. Why did I receive a delayed e-mail notification?
    A. The MediaNet system will inform clients that an order is delayed. Delayed orders occur when the current user has not returned the resource on time.

    Q. Why was my order cancelled?
    A. Cancelled orders are due to a number of factors - the most common is the resource you had booked has not been returned on time and we can no longer fulfill your order. Example: You placed an order for a March 1st receive date and as of March 15th it has not been returned... there is a good chance your order will be cancelled.

    Q. I received a kit but several items were missing, what gives?
    A. Our staff inventory each kit when returned to the Library - unfortunately many kits are returned incomplete. We generate missing notices to the teachers and place a missing label inside the kit. Please contact Shipping & Receiving if there are missing items unaccounted or for other kit maintenance issues.

    Q. When can I begin ordering for next year?
    A. Announcements regarding ordering for next year are posted to the MediaNet homepage. We cannot open booking until the Board calendar & courier schedule are finalized for the upcoming school year. Contact us with additional questions

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