Tutorials and Help

Please note: All help materials are confidential. Our preference is that none of the following material produced by Dymaxion be posted on any other web pages. But, if it is, it must be on well-protected, passworded pages limited to Medianet users.

  • Tutorials

    • Multi-pick

      See how to perform a catalog search then choose several titles and place them all on the order form at one time. This feature eliminates the need to perform multiple searches with the same search criteria. (Feature not available on all sites.)

    • Personalized Catalogs

      See how to generate a catalog containing your own selection of titles and have it e-mailed to you as a PDF attachment. This feature is useful to create a customized reference that can be saved or shared easily and saves paper. (Feature not available on all sites.)

  • Help Pages

    Also available from the applicable pages via Help link or button.

    • Media Catalog Search

      Great review of all components of the search full catalog form.
      Also includes:
      • Advanced Info for Power Users
      • Browser Compatibility and Hints
      • Hints for a Successful Search
      • Introduction to Boolean Searches
    • Order Form

      Overview of important features and options on the order form.

    • Booking Filter

      Outline of how to narrow your listing of bookings in display, extend, re-book, or cancel.

    • Browser Compatibility

      Overview of what browser versions are recommended for use with Medianet Web, and how to report browser related problems.

  • What's New

    • Recent Improvements

      • Review the newest features and see what exciting changes have been made.
      • Also includes a listing of enhancements from previous releases.
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